How we’re changing the CPA client relationship

The Old CPA Client relationship

The old way of a client renewing their once-per-year relationship with their CPA is an expensive counterproductive one. In this scenario, the CPA spends most of their time shifting through the “garbage in/garbage out” of year end records versus advising a business on what’s truly important.  


The Washington Advisory CPA client relationship

The Washington Advisory way prevents the unexpected hourly billing surprise at a time when a CPA’s service is most needed. Our service plans are “right sized” for your business and are designed to provide the A to Z services that you need.  Thanks to technology, we’re able to bundle expert counsel with cloud software for predictable monthly installments.

Our proactive approach prevents stressful year-end surprises, with service plans that function similar to that relationship a patient has with their primary care physician. But while a physician cares for your physical health, Washington Advisory cares for your financial health – all year long

Get the financial assistance you need January through December, whenever an issue arises. We’re always there, not just at tax time. We don’t simply implement your financial systems but we’ll maintain your books, process your payroll, and advise on how your key financial metrics compare to your industry.

Let the CPAs at Washington Advisory leverage our technology toolbox to form paperless workflows and automate processes. Our services are for customers and businesses in a growth phase. These businesses have grown tired of manual, data entry, time-consuming business processes and are looking for something different.

We take business owners from boxes of receipts and complex spreadsheets to a paperless workflow where our outsourced accounting functions reduce your payroll needs and frees staff to focus on client service and operations.

Take control of processes and free yourself from manual tasks.

Let us focus on your accounting and tax needs while you concentrate on growing your business.