Certified Public Accountants 

for the Cannabis Industry

Certified Public Accountants for the Cannabis Industry

Find out if you could be overpaying your cannabis tax.

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” As long as 280E exists, your cannabis profits are in danger of going up in smoke”

Rema Washington, CPA

How We Service The Industry

Cannabis Tax Planning

Now more than ever, your Cannabis Business will need comprehensive tax planning remain to competitive.

Contact us for 280E planning and beyond including sales taxes, excise taxes, cultivation taxes, etc.

Cannabis Cost Accounting & Bookkeeping

Maximize your Cost of Goods Sold and lower your taxable income with our services.

Our nationwide services in: CA, MA, NV, CO, OR. WA, NY, NJ and OK can help you maximize deductions, develop tax strategies and defend you with our IRS cannabis audit defense.

Cannabis Audit Risk Reduction Services

Go beyond compliance with our proactive audit reduction services.

We’ll regularly conduct sanity checks on your internal controls to ensure your prepared and aware of any risk.

Schedule a free “sanity check” with our CPAs

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