Tax Planning

A Cannabis Tax Plan. It's what the 1% use. 

As CPAs, we’ll be the first to tell you that paying taxes is inevitable. The only thing you can control is the amount.

Did you know that Mitt Romney once made $13.7 million and had a tax rate of 14.1%, when in reality his income should have placed him in the 31% plus tax bracket?

He was able to lower his taxes because he had a plan.

Having a Cannabis Tax Plan built from scratch just for businesses like yours shouldn’t be an option.

In our professional opinion, it’s a pre-requisite to success. It’s the only way to fight 280e.

The Problem:

Cannabis businesses pay taxes at a rate that's almost double what their non-cannabis counterparts pay.

The Solution:

Learn how you can keep more of your profits to yourself with a Cannabis Tax Plan.

Tax Planning for Cannabis Business is what our team does.

Schedule a free consultation today, with our Cannabis Tax Planning professionals.

It’s never too early or too late to plan.

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The only way to combat 280e is by having a plan. Cannabis Tax Planning is what we do well. 

We offer monthly bookkeeping, tax return services and business consultation but without a plan any improvement you achieve from our services could end up being wasted away in paying taxes. 

We recommend starting the year off with a tax plan.

During the consultation we'll review

  • Your businesses pain points and identify gaps in how your are addressing those pains
  • Review the business issues that keep you up at night ~ Audit issues, Changing Regulations, Obtaining Banking, etc.
  • Discuss our Cannabis Tax Planning framework that when used can help you increase your cash without changing how you operate

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A Tax Plan.

It's what the 1% uses


Why shouldn't your cannabis business have one?.”

Rema Washington, CPA

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