Our Tax Services

Why choose our tax services?

We are proactive. If you are looking for a reactive tax team, that only responds to issues after the fact, then we're likely not a match. 

Our knowledge of the tax code, recent court case rulings and personal understanding of your goal allows us to monitor your current situation while planning for the future.

With Washington Advisory you will have:
•A single point of contact for all your business and personal tax filings     •More than just tax preparation, but tax guidance. We'll put together a tax road map to execute as your business grows.  

Our Cannabis Tax Services

Tax Services for Cannabis Businesses

We serve businesses operating in the cannabis industry that are affected by 280e and those that aren't. 

Our services include a comprehensive tax plan that goes beyond regular compliance services. We offer legal entity design, 280e minimization services and IRS tax resolution. 

Our knowledge of the IRS court rulings that affect the cannabis industry puts us in an unique position where we can advise your business on how to structure their day-to-day operations in order to produce the smallest tax bill possible.

With Washington Advisory you will have:
• A team of Certified Public Accountants who can produce a tax plan that's tailored to your businesses needs, perform monthly bookkeeping and resolve any IRS issues that you may encounter.

https://washingtonadvisory.com/mj-services/— Cannabis Business Services.

Our Tax Services F.A.Q.'s

Section 1. Taxes Overview Questions.

1.1. Do your clients have to be located in the same city and you?
No.  Our services can be delivered completely through the cloud. We leverage video conferencing, and a secure document retrieval storage powered by Intuit Link that uses bank level encryption to keep your document secure. Check out this video for more information on Intuit Link

1.2.  So how does this work? How will we provide you with our paperwork?

Conveniently. Communicate and share documents with your CPA using the method most convenient. 

1.3. What should I expect? 

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully the below diagram helps explain our process. 

After a discussion of your goals you'll receive an email from the Washington Advisory team to create your secure account.

Open the email, which contains a link to the secure portal. 

Communicate and share documents securely with your CPA

Let Washington Advisory take care of all your filings and follow ups with agencies.

1.4. Is your focus on servicing businesses or individuals? 

The focus of our practice is on servicing businesses and their owners. In our experience, most of the flexibility in the tax code is geared towards business owners. We feel that we're able to be more proactive and offer a more comprehensive service by combining our accounting and bookkeeping, payroll and outsourced CFO services to deliver value to our business clients. 

1.5. Do you also prepare and file taxes for people who don't own businesses?

We do, but our focus is on solving the tax needs of businesses and their owners. In special circumstances we will do individual tax returns. 

Let us tailor a solution to fit your needs

Optimze your QuickBooks,  File your back taxes, Get the advice and guidance you need to fit your stage of business

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