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Why some cannabis license holders don’t succeed?

Recently, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission voted to reject the sale of two medical marijuana dispensary licenses. This decision by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission seemed to send a clear signal to licensee holders within the “Natural State”, on how they’d like to see the licensees used.

From what we gather, it seems that these license holders weren’t making significant progress towards opening their doors for business.

Which is interesting because people tend to think that the cannabis industry is the equivalent of the modern-day California “gold-rush.”

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4 Tips For Getting a Bank Account For Your Cannabis Business

Here are four tips that can help your cannabis business get and keep a bank account for your business

Getting a bank account remains to be one of the most challenging aspects of running a cannabis business, despite being legal on a state level in a growing number of places.

As of July 2019, there were roughly 630 banks and credit unions serving the U.S. marijuana industry.

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2019 Edition – Answers to your Tax Reform Questions

For most small businesses and the self-employed, the 20 percent tax deduction from new tax code Section 199A is the most valuable deduction to come out of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The Section 199A tax deduction is complicated, and many questions remain unanswered even after the IRS issued its proposed regulations on the provision. And to further complicate matters, there’s also a lot of misinformation out there about Section 199A.

Below are answers to five common questions about this new 199A tax deduction

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2018 Last Minute Business Vechicle Planning Tax Tips

It’s time to examine your existing cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans for some profitable year-end business tax deductions.

Your first step is to identify your gain or loss on sale. Once you have the gain or loss, know these basic rules:

  • Gains attributable to depreciation produce ordinary income.
  • Gains in excess of original basis produce capital gains. (This is unlikely to happen on most business vehicles, but it can happen with classic and antique business vehicles because they can go up in value.)
  • Losses on business vehicles produce ordinary deductions.

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The way you prepare your taxes could be changing?

No matter what you think about our President, I'm willing to bet that his stance on taxes has caught your attention.

In fact, I can guarantee you that this latest developments has caught the attention of the H&R Blocks and “tax prep focused” CPAs around the U.S.

President Trump and the IRS has recently revealed a new way for Americans to file their taxes and it has something do with a form the size of a postcard.

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Are You Remembering These 5 Tax Deductions?

Granted, nobody loves the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but the tax code provides a fair number of deductions for small-business owners.

Following are five not-to-be-missed tax deductions that can lower the annual tax bill for small-business owners.

As always contact your tax professional at Washington Advisory to go through your specific situations.

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Business Owners Should Track These Monthly

Mentioning accounting and finance may be a sure way to clear a room full of members of the public. But a room of entrepreneurs? Not so much. Entrepreneurs realize the failure of small business ventures is primarily attributable to poor accounting practices or improper financial management.

Monitoring your small business’s financial statements is the only way to know how well you’re doing and where improvements are most urgently needed. So carve out a little time each month to conduct a proper financial analysis, and begin by focusing on the basics:

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Tax-Deductible or Not? Ask Your Expert

Certified Public Accountant - Lafayette

Thoughts from our experts

As business owners prepare to file tax returns, many find they have to reconstruct some of last year’s expenses. This is usually a result of paying business expenditures by personal means instead of through a checking account or credit card used exclusively for business. Delays and frustration result when there isn’t sufficient information, or you can’t remember the details required for some write-off claims.

By hiring an accounting professional, you can be sure every expense deduction your business is entitled to will be captured in a timely manner. Our CPA's are both experts in cloud accounting software and the Internal Revenue code. Our Bookkeeping experts know how to record expenses regardless of the payment method. And they understand the conditions that make certain types of expenses tax-deductible.

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Ever wonder how the 1% live?

Ever wonder how the 1% live? For most of them it's not all about caviar, yachts, and champagne.

There was an interesting study published by the IRS that sheds light on the financial characteristics of the 1 %.  

There's some interesting numbers in this issue that helps debunk the stereotypes of what the "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” and MTV Cribs portray.

Also in this issue are tax tips that help address the common situation of having lost a receipt for a business expense and whether to claim the expense on your return. 

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